What floor for your house?

With open plan design pretty much the standard now when it comes to interior refurbishment, choosing the right flooring is more important than ever as you tend to see a lot more it. The flooring options out there vary greatly in cost and energy efficiency, so make sure you make the correct decision as you will be living with it for many years to come.

Polished Concrete
There is a bit of a misconception about polished concrete being cold and sterile. For many the reality is actually quite the opposite with people singing the praises of concrete as a warm, hardwearing flooring material that hides dirt well. It also has very good thermal qualities and thermal mass, making it a good choice for the eco-friendly home owner. During summer it can keep your house cool and in winter keep it warm at night. The best way to get the most out of your concrete is to make sure your north facing floors get plenty of sun during winter. Using large sliding doors such as those made by Brio to fully open up a space and let the sun shine unhindered is a great way to harness the power of your concrete.

Be aware though that it may crack in time as the earth moves minute amounts. This is pretty much unavoidable and usually only results on hairline cracks.

Timber Floor
For me timber floors will never go out of favour as their timeless appeal transcends fashions. Timber has a warm and welcoming glow that makes any home feel light and living. Yes proper hardwood timber floors are expensive but they will last the test of time if you take care of them. There are many options of types of timber that can be used including Blackbutt, Oak, Cedar and Ash, just be sure to check the hardness rating as softer timbers like Baltic pine are quite soft and can be damaged easily.

Timber can be stained to a variety of colours and finishes. These days all of this work is usually done for you, all you need to do is choose your colour and the floorboards will arrive stained and polished ready for installation. When choosing your floor colour, it’s a good idea to think about how it work with your interior colours, door hardware and furniture. If you are looking to update doors as well, Brio make a large range of high quality bifold doors that can be stained to match most timber floors.

Tiles are a durable option that has good thermal mass if used in north facing glazed areas. Tiles can be a good option to use throughout a home and continue out into outdoor areas to create a seamless transition. Travertine tiles are a natural stone that is tuff and unlike marble, won’t scratch easily so can be used in living spaces and even carried on throughout bathrooms, kitchen and even the garage.