Saving energy in the household

Modern houses are frequently built to an open plan, which is great for family living and especially entertaining. However, one of the challenges these designs pose is that much of Australia’s climate can be either very hot or very cold or a mixture of both kinds of weather even in the same day.

For instance in a cooler weather climate such as the Southern Highlands of NSW, these open plan designs can pose difficulties with regard to heating. Bowral real estate is frequently designed to accommodate the special needs of the climate.

A great way of saving energy in a typical household is to use internal doors and external doors to regulate temperature. In the winter months closing doors to keep cool air out and warm air in is essential to the comfort of the family or friends who may be visiting. But what about those open plan homes that are so loved and enjoyed by many? Brio has a great solution.

Using interior folding systems, Brio offers the best of both worlds. Opening the internal doors during the warmer months to allow for entertaining and cool draughts of air to flow through the house offers an alternative to running expensive and environmentally questionable air conditioning units. But in the winter, when comfort means the need to trap warm air in smaller spaces, the interior folding systems can be used to create divisions in large rooms which means they can be more easily heated with less financial and environmental cost.

Not only do the Brio systems promise comfort and extra space for entertaining, they are beautiful to look at, too.